Friday, October 26, 2007

An Interview with TOKYOPOP's Tim Beedle

Adding our collection of exclusive interviews, we are proud to present a special question-and-answer session with TOKYOPOP's editor Tim Beedle.

Back in 2005, The Jim Henson Company announced that they were teaming up with TOKYOPOP to produce original graphic novels based on two of Henson's beloved fantasy films - The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth. The first installment of the highly-anticipated "Return to Labyrinth" manga was released in last year, and the second volume hit stores earlier this month. The first volume of the "Legends of the Dark Crystal" series, entitled "The Garthim Wars", will be released on November 13th.

Tim Beedle serves as the editor of both of these Henson-based manga series. Tim has been leading the team on "Legends of the Dark Crystal" since the beginning and he recently came to helm the "Return to Labyrinth" series as well. Tim was able to shares some great behind-the-scenes insights and gives readers a "sneak peak" at what they can expect to see in these graphic novels. You can find the interview in our article section, or you can jump to it directly via the link below.

We would like to extend a great big "thank you" to Tim for taking the time to answer our questions and give the fans an inside "scoop" on these exciting extensions of the worlds of Jim Henson.

- An interview with Tim Beedle -

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