Saturday, October 27, 2007

Updates from Around the Web -- Podcasting in October

The web has been busy with new audio and video updates from all your favorite Muppet podcasts. Here's a quick update on all the major Muppet-related podcasts on the net.

The official Jim Henson Company podcast is continuing to run strong. In the latest installment of the podcast, Grant Baciocco shares his exclusive and in-depth interview with Bobby Vegan, the star of the upcoming Henson television series "Tinseltown". The 17-minute episode, which was posted yesterday, gives listeners an entertaining and informative look at the star of the new "Henson Alternative" television project. Other recent episodes of the podcast feature excerpts from the Jim Henson's Fantastic World panel discussion held at the Arkansas Arts Center and an exclusive chat with the Henson Company interns. You can check out the podcast archives for all the past episodes – and be sure to subscribe to get all the lastest episodes as soon as they are posted (they seem to be appearing on a bi-weekly basis).

Sesame Workshop has been continuing their weekly video podcasts. This week's podcast features Zoe, Murray and Ellen Degeneres in a collection of clips focusing on the word "ballet". Earlier this month episodes focused on such words as "Pumpernickle", "lazy" and "dogs" and included such guests as Conan O'Brien and Rachel Ray. So be sure to subscribe to the podcast and check each Tuesday for a new video installment of the Sesame Street Podcast.

Aside from their podcast, earlier this month Sesame Workshop released some brand-new productions to iTunes as part of their "Learn Along with Sesame" series. Two brand-new half-hour specials were released - "Learning is Everywhere" and "The Get Healthy Now Show". Along with newly released "Panwapa", the collection holds 9 original videos (more than 4-hours of original content). Sesame Workshop also launched a Spanish translation of the collection entitled "Aprende con Sesame" earlier this month. All the videos in the "Learn Along with Sesame" collection are completely free (but international fans beware, these are only available via the US iTunes Store).

The Skrumps are also continuing to post new videos on Yahoo! Kids. In a new batch of videos Skrumpy has some fun with his hidden camera. Three new videos were added earlier this week, so be sure to check them out. You can also enjoy all of the great Skrump videos – from the cheeseburger incident and the origins of Grumblebelly to discussions of dreams and Raisin's hidden camera, there is a lot to enjoy (there are now more than 20 exclusive videos available for your viewing pleasure).

And our pal Steve Swanson over at The MuppetCast has been busy as well. Aside from launching a recently redesigned website, the show just posted its 28th episode on Sunday. Recent episodes have included interviews with puppet builder James Wojtal, and Palisades' action figure sculptor Bill Mancuso; plus outstanding audio from the panel discussion at this summer's "Muppets, Music & Magic" event in Long Island. Steve crams a lot of content into each weekly installment of the podcast, so be sure to check out check out all the fun going on in each episode over at


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