Monday, July 18, 2005

Henson Fantasy World Mangas in the Works

The Jim Henson Company has partnered with TOKYOPOP Inc., the #1 publisher of manga (Japanese style comics) in the United States. The deal will produce an all-new original graphic novel series for the immensely popular properties "The Dark Crystal", "Labyrinth", and the upcoming "MirrorMask".

TOKYOPOP plans on releasing a sequel manga to "Labyrinth". The story will follow 13-year-old Toby as he journeys back to the Labyrinth to assume his role as the heir to the Goblin Kingdom. The next manga project will be a prequel to "The Dark Crystal”. This manga will follow the events that took place before the film. The Jim Henson Company recently announced that they are in preproduction on a "Dark Crystal" theatrical film sequel and an animated television series too.

Henson and TOKYOPOP plan on releasing a "MirrorMask" prequel manga as well. The “MirrorMask” film is planned for release on September 30, 2005. In the manga prequel readers will learn the story of the princess' escape from the Dark Palace and how she came to acquire the MirrorMask.

All three manga series are planned to hit stores in late 2006. I'll keep you posted as I hear more on these graphic novels, and as I learn of other Henson fantasy world projects.

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