Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Google Celebrates Sesame Street’s 40th Anniversary

In honor of Sesame Street's 40th anniversary Google has partnered with Sesame Workshop to create a special week-long series of original "Google doodles." Starting today, the popular search engine will showcase special Google logos featuring the Sesame Street Muppets. The commemorative Google logos will run on the Google home page from November 4th through 10th.

Google has been creating "Google doodles," modifications to their logo linked to national holidays, major events and famous people's birthdays, since 1998. The partnership with Sesame Street will include a series of original logos to be featured on the Google home page and search engine in multiple languages and countries.

Of the partnership, Gary E. Knell (President and CEO of Sesame Workshop) remarked: "What an incredible way to head into our official anniversary! Sesame Street transformed the television landscape and Google has done the same in the world of technology."

Big Bird graced to logo of Google's main page on November 4th to kick-off the series, while international Muppets appeared on their corresponding international Google engines – such as Mexico, the Netherlands, India, South Africa, Israel, and Indonesia. New "Google Doodle" logos will be showcased each day throughout the week leading-up to Sesame Street's official 40th anniversary on November 10, 2009.

"Google doodles aim to celebrate events and anniversaries around the world, while reflecting the personality, interests, and spirit of Google employees," said Marissa Mayer, Vice President of Search Products and User Experience. "We're excited to celebrate Sesame Street's 40th anniversary by featuring their well-known characters on the Google home page this week. Sesame Street is a wonderful partner, sharing our values of education, diversity and accessibility."

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Marideth said...

I've finally found out who to thank and praise for all the Google logs art. I absolutely love it - always - and have wanted to tell somebody. Sometimes I have not understood what it was about, what Holiday, etc., but now I know I can Google the question. Some of us are slow. Thank you.