Monday, November 16, 2009

Wembley's Egg Surprise

The Jim Henson Company and Lionsgate Home Entertainment plan to follow-up the release of their Christmas-themed Fraggle Rock DVD, "A Merry Fraggle Holiday," with a special Easter-themed DVD planned for release this spring. "Fraggle Rock: Wembley's Egg Surprise" is an upcoming single-disc DVD release that will contain three episodes from the classic Henson series and a sampling of related bonus features.

  • "Wembley's Egg" - Wembley finds the egg of a Baby Tree Creature in Fraggle Pond.
  • "The Great Radish Famine" Marjory the Trash Heap decides to teach the Fraggles, Doozers and Gorgs a lesson by magically making all the radishes in the Gorgs' garden disappear!
  • "The Finger of Light" - It's Ruler of the Rock Day, whoever is chosen by the Finger of Light becomes the Ruler of the Rock and gets to issue three commands for the betterment of all.

The 74-minute DVD will also include a selection of spring-themed bonus features - including a full-length episode from the animated Fraggle Rock entitled "The Great Radish Round-up." In the episode the Junior Gorg puts all the radishes on the top of a hill, which forces the Fraggle to lure them back. Other bonus features include a sing-along feature and a look at Jim Henson's "Animal Show with Stinky & Jake."

Bonus Features:

  • Animated Fraggle Rock episode: "The Great Radish Round-up "
  • Sing-along
  • A look at Jim Henson's "Animal Show with Stinky & Jake"

Lionsgate will release this special DVD title just in time for the Easter season - hitting stores on February 9, 2010. So celebrate and share the gift of Fraggle Rock this year -- celebrate Christmas with the perfect stocking-stuffer gift of "A Merry Fraggle Holiday" and welcome in spring with a great Easter basket gift of "Wembley's Egg Surprise."

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