Monday, November 02, 2009

Muppets Visit Kimmel and Fallon

Sesame Street will celebrate its lankmark 40th anniversary next Tuesday. To promote the kick-off of show's big 40th season, the Muppets of Sesame Street will visit their friend on late night television to plug the show and celebrate the occasion.

Big Bird will be a featured guest on ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live! this coming Wednesday (November, 4, 2009). The giant yellow bird is scheduled to appear as a guest on Kimmel's late night talk show this Wednesday along with Joshua Jackson and musical guest Slayer. Jimmy Kimmel Live! airs weeknights on ABC at 12:06am (ET/PT) - check you local listings for details.

The NBC talk show Late Night with Jimmy Fallon will feature an appearance by Elmo and Rosita next Monday (November 9, 2009). The red and blue furry monsters are scheduled to appear as guests on Fallon's late night talk show on Monday night along with Laurence Fishburne. Elmo appeared on Fallon's Late Night show back in April; and Fallon is among the guests in the upcoming 40th season of Sesame Street. Late Night with Jimmy Fallon airs weeknights on NBC at 12:35am (ET/PT) - check you local listings for details.

So mark your calendars, program your VCRs and DVRs, prepare to stay up late, and be sure to catch these very special late night appearance by Big Bird, Elmo and Rosita!

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