Saturday, August 11, 2007

More Stuff from Skrumpland

Back in January, as you may remember, the Jim Henson Company released the first online-exclusive videos of The Skrumps. The Skrumps has been in active development as part of the company’s slate of animated television projects. The characters are brought to life by puppeteers using the Henson Digital Performance Studio, the Company’s proprietary animation system that allows CG characters to be performed by puppeteers in real-time. A music video (directed by Brian Henson) and additional web content was created and posted on Yahoo! Kids back in January.

Well a few weeks ago, around the end of July, some more Skump-tastic videos crept onto the web. In addition to the "Dancing with Out Feet" music video and the three original character video-blogs, there are now four more Skrump videos on Yahoo! Kids. There is a 3-part discussion on the origins of Grumblebelly – each character has their own side of the story as to how the band's name came to be. Plus there is an exclusive "home video" that features the Skrumps showing off their "god-like moves".

These four new videos feature the primary cast of the Skrumps that were introduced in the first four videos – Wishbone (Victor Yerrid & Tony Prince), Skrumpy (Allan Trautman & Arturo Gil) and Raisins (Julianne Buescher & Michelan Sisti).

Plus there are new e-cards and desktop wallpapers to enjoy as well. So surf on over to The Skrumps on Yahoo! Kids and enjoy the new Skrump content - and be sure to check out the old videos too. I will keep you posted as more news develops on the future of the Skrumps and other Henson Company projects.

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