Friday, June 22, 2007

Disney Channel Preps for Muppet "Mini Movies"

It has been confirmed that Disney is getting ready to film a series of Muppet-centered interstitials (also being called "mini-movies") that are intended for airing on the Disney Channel. The films are being designed to introduce a new generation of fans to the Muppets characters and humor – while keeping the classic feeling and tone the Muppets are so well known for. The segments will star the Muppets, along an occasional cameos by some of the popular Disney Channel stars. These short films are expected to start airing later this year (with some "insiders" hinting at an "fall 2007" time-frame). No further details are available at this time, but I assure you that I will keep you updates as more information is released.

Additionally, Dave Goelz mentioned at yesterday's "Muppet, Music & Magic" event that there is an exciting Muppet project in the works and there is also a brand-new Muppet web-series being developed. I'll be sure to keep you updated as things develop on these project - but until then, you can enjoy this video clip from Dave and Gonzo's Q&A session.


vacelts said...

I think this is a great idea. I love the Muppets and like the idea that my kids get to watch them now too. I bought Muppets Take Manhattan for them recently and we watched it the other day. The twins loved it. I'm glad that the muppets will come alive for a new generation.

Ryan said...

Wait- Disney is doing something with the Muppets???? I just fainted. Well, I have to type this first, and THEN I'm going to faint.

An Avatarded Muppet Fan said...

Well it's ABOUT TIME! Please actually do what you say you will Disney! Please!

Anonymous said...

I just hope that they're funny.

If they really want to introduce The Muppets to a whole new generation they should just rerun "The Muppet Show". (Not everyone can afford to buy the DVDs.) If the new "mini-movies" are produced poorly, they won't win over any new fans. (Anyone remember "Muppets Tonight"? UGH!!!) In fact, it has the potential of doing the opposite; turning off an entire generation to the Muppets!

I'll keep my fingers crossed though!