Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Fraggle Rock 3-Disc CD Set Coming This Fall

Dance your cares away...HIT Entertainment and the Jim Henson Company have announced that they are currently working to give Fraggle fans an ultimate music experience. Partnering with Koch Records, HIT is planning to release the first-ever Fraggle Rock 3-disc CD collection. The CD box set will feature the best music from Fraggle Rock, in the best quality available. The deluxe CD set is planned for release in "fall 2007" (in conjunction with the release of The Complete Third Season). Fans of all ages will be able to sing-along with their favorite songs on CD available at all major retailers for the suggested retail price of $23.98. I will keep you updated with cover art, track listings, release details and product updates as the information is released.


Steve from The MuppetCast said...

Something is happening here. Something very good for Muppet fans seems to be going on, wouldn't you agree? All of a sudden, we have all these wonderful upcoming releases, Muppets are in the Disney park(s), Muppets are touring the country in TWO SEPARATE EXHIBITS....say what you will about Disney, but this really is an amazing time for Muppet fans.

Anonymous said...


I hope they include the FULL 3 1/2 minute album version of the theme song. The one that was chopped up on the Music and Magic CD.

I also hope they focus primarily on songs NOT released on the previous three albums.

Finally, I hope this leads to more collections of Fraggle music in the future!

Anonymous said...

whoh, fabulous and unexpected!!

An Avatarded Muppet Fan said...

Yay! More Fraggle-related things to spend my my money on! I've never been more happier because of the prospect of being broke.