Friday, June 22, 2007

Dark Crystal CD Details

Earlier this month I told you The Jim Henson Company and La La Land Records will be releasing "The Dark Crystal: 25th Anniversary Edition Soundtrack" album on July 14, 2007. Well, the cover art for this upcoming CD has been released (see below), and the artwork is designed to tie-in to the 25th Anniversary DVD. Also below is a copy of the track listing provided by La La Land Records. Plus I've been told that the CD will come with a booklet containing exclusive liner notes. So be sure to pick up this collector's edition soundtrack in July, and I'll be sure to keep you posted with any more information if I get it.

Track Listing

  1. The Dark Crystal Overture (3:11)
  2. The Power Ceremony (3:57)
  3. The Storm (1:03)
  4. The Mystical Master Dies (0:51)
  5. The Funerals/Jen's Journey (5:25)
  6. The Skeksi's Funeral (2:42)
  7. The Pod Dance (3:14)
  8. Love Theme (3:17)
  9. Gelfling Song (2:22)
  10. The Gelfling Ruins (2:43)
  11. The Landstrider Journey (0:44)
  12. The Great Conjunction (4:13)
  13. Finale (7:14)

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