Thursday, June 28, 2007

Henson Podcast Update

Over the past month released two brand-new installments of the Podcast. These episodes, parts one and two of an exclusive interview with Peter Brooke (supervisor of the Jim Henson Creature Shop), give listeners an inside and in-depth look at the Henson Creature Shop. They are very Be sure to check it out and take a listen. I've also been told that a brand-new installment of the Podcast will be posted early next week and will feature yet another cool and exclusive interview. So be sure to check out the Podcast (and all the great episodes).

Also on the podcasting front - be sure to also check out the MuppetCast, an outstanding fan-made podcast that focuses on everything Muppets. The show is a great asset to the fan-community and just recently posted their 11th episode. Recent episodes have featured interviews with Arthur Novell, Roger Langridge and Jim Lewis (to name just a few). So be sure to surf on over and take a listen to their episodes as well.

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