Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Disney Adventure's Muppet Comic Update

As reported earlier, Disney Adventures Magazine will soon start printing a series of exclusive Muppet comic strips in their comic section. The series is being drawn and written by the wonderful Roger Langridge (who is known for such works as "Fred the Clown" and "The Straitjacket Fits").

The first strip is set to run in the "August 2007" issue (which means it should be hitting newsstands soon), and according to Langridge it'll be a two-page "Pigs in Space" adventure. Steve Swanson, from the wonderful MuppetCast podcast, interviewed Langridge about his career and his work on the strip in the latest installment of the MuppetCast (which you can listen to here; Langridge's interview starts around the 34-minute mark). In the interview Langridge shares his insights on his inspirations and gives some details on how he got the gig working on the Muppet comics; plus he even jokes about how, unlike with puppets, he can show the Muppets' legs without "going over budget".

Langridge has also recently posted a single-panel "teaser" from the first Muppet comic his blog to wet your appetite (a copy of which you can see below). Disney Adventures plans to feature the Muppet comic in the regular monthly magazine and also plans to include bigger comic featurings in the Disney Adventures Comic Zone specials (of which a Muppet "At the Dance" comic is in the works for, full of wacky one-liners, puns and other classic Muppet fun).
I will keep you posted as soon as any more news on this very exciting comic surfaces. But you really should consider subscribing to Disney Adventures (or at least locating a local newsstand or vendor that carries the publication) so you don't miss out on this upcoming Muppet comic adventures.

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