Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Disney Adventures is Getting The Muppets!

Disney Adventures Magazine is a children's entertainment magazine published monthly by The Walt Disney Company. Now it has been revealed that future issues of Disney Adventures will be just a bit more Muppety! Apparently DA Magazine is planning to start printing a series of brand-new, and exclusive, Muppet comic strips in their comic section. The series is being drawn and written by the wonderful Roger Langridge (who is known for such works as "Fred the Clown" and "The Straitjacket Fits").

Langridge published this comment on his blog yesterday:

"Currently working on: The Muppets! Disney Adventures Magazine is about to start a regular Muppets comic strip, written and drawn by yours truly. I have to admit this is a bit of a thrill - I realized only a few years ago how much of an influence the original, 1970s Muppet Show was on my comics work. So to be actually doing it is quite a weird feeling."

The first strip is set to run in the August 2007 issue, and according to Langridge it'll be a two-page Pigs In Space adventure. The idea is to run full one or two page strips in the regular magazine, and then include bigger chunks of ten to twelve page stories in the Disney Adventures Comic Zone specials. I will keep you posted as soon as any more information or news on this very exciting comic strip surfaces. So you may want to consider subscribing to Disney Adventures (or at least locating a local newsstand or vendor that carries the publication) so you don't miss out on this upcoming Muppet comic experiance.

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