Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Sesame Street DVD News

Sesame Workshop and Sony Wonder are planning to release the first, of hopefully many, special DVD sets entitled "Sesame Street TV Episode Fun Packs". Each pack includes complete and uncut Sesame Street episodes. Unlike the "Sesame Street Old School" collection, which focuses on box sets of classic episodes, these sets offer the current and more modern episodes of the series. The first two "fun packs" are planned for release on March 6, 2007 and will provide five great episodes from the last 3-years.

  • Sesame Street TV Episode Fun Pack – Volume 1
    Disc 1: The Letter of The Month Club (Episode 4074)
    Disc 2: Furry Red Monster Parade (Episode 4062)

  • -
  • Sesame Street TV Episode Fun Pack – Volume 2
    Disc 1: Abby Cadabby Moves to Sesame Street (Episode 4109)
    Disc 2: Elmo and the Seven Dwarves (Episode 4114)
    Disc 3: Elmo and Zoe’s Scientific Exploration (Episode 4099)

These box sets will be available wherever Sesame DVDs are sold, and are beginning to pop-up for pre-order on many online retailers. If you don't want to buy the entire box set (which will retail for $20 each), Wal-Mart stores are offering the individual single-episode discs sold separately as an in-store exclusive.

Also on the DVD front is the February 6, 2007 release of "Elmo's World: What Makes You Happy?". This 50-minute DVD offers three complete episode of the "Elmo's World" - each on somthing that makes Elmo happy - friends, singing and dancing. The DVD is already up for pre-order around the web, and will hit store shelves in just 20 days. I'll keep you posted with more information on Sesame Street on DVD as I get it - until then...happy shopping!


Anonymous said...

These DVDs aren't the first ones in that series, as Wal-Mart stores have been offering the individual single-episode discs, "The Letter of the Month Club" and "Furry Red Monster Parade" as an in-store exclusive for months now.

Trevrook Follies said...

Do we know how the old school DVds sold? Did they make enough to warrent more of the classic shows?