Friday, January 19, 2007

"Legends of the Dark Crystal" Postponed

Click to EnlargeBack in November preliminary information surfaced on the release of the forthcoming "Legends of the Dark Crystal" graphic novel series. The Jim Henson Company and TOKYOPOP had planned to release the first volume in March; however due to some snags along the way, the release has been pushed back to November.

I recently heard from Tim Beedle, the editor of "Legends of the Dark Crystal", in responce to the title's current release status. Beedle commented on the delay stating:

"There were a variety of reasons for this, but they all basically boil down to the fact that when working on extremely collaborative projects like this, involving writers, artists, editors and licensors, it's really difficult to estimate a timeline for the finished project...Rest assured, however, that things are progressing and the book is well on its way to making its new release date. And as a fellow fan of Jim Henson's groundbreaking film, I truly feel that fans are going to forgive us for this delay when they see how amazing the book looks."

The prequel story told in "Legends of the Dark Crystal #1: The Garthim Wars" was written by Barbara Randall Kebel with art by Max Kim. The book is now set for release on November 13, 2007, with subsequent volumes to follow shortly afterwards. The book is already avaliable to pre-order from many sites, retailing for under $10. I'll keep you posted as soon if any more news on the "Legends of the Dark Crystal" series surfaces.


TheGreenKnight said...

I'm disapointed to hear that, but I'm definitely still looking forward to the book.

I wasn't particularly impressed by the Labyrinth manga (more bluntly, I thought it was terrible), but I thought that the preview pages from Legends of the Dark Crystal looked very promising.

J. M. Prater said...

It's disappointing to hear about the delay but still exciting to know it WILL be out this year. November is a good time as hopefully, by that point, a teaser for the new Dark Crystal film will have been out for a while just building on the anticipation.

J.M. Prater