Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Newsflash on MySpace

Since its founding in 2003, MySpace has since grown into a world-wide internet phenomenon. MySpace is the largest social networking website and a great interactive forum for artists, performers, writers, musicians, fans and, of course, friends to connect. For years I've gotten e-mails from readers asking if I have a MySpace or if I plan on creating one -- and for years I've resisted, declined and/or simply procrastinated.

MySpace allows for a great networking of fans, and I decided to finally jump into the MySpace band wagon with the establishment of an official MySpace presence. If you have an account, feel free to add the Newsflash as a friend (and feel free to tell your friends to do so as well). As the community of fans and friends grow so will the MySpace page. Don't worry, the MySpace page is not here to replace the blog or distract from the activities on this page. MySpace allows for a more informal and personal connection with readers, and I hope to utilize the page, and the features of the MySpace community, to create a more personal and interactive connection with those readers in the months to come.

MySpace is a great way to stay in contact with readers, fellow fans and friends. It is a great promotional tool, and it's also very addictive. I'm not saying you should run out and sign-up for a MySpace account (but if you want to, then go right ahead). But if you are on MySpace and want to connect with the Newsflash (and me), get exclusive bulletins, read the latest news, unite with other fans and have fun - then be sure to check out The Muppet Newsflash's official Myspace.

-The Muppet Newsflash on MySpace -

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