Tuesday, February 05, 2008

MINDstyle to Make "Fraggle" Figures and More "Crystal" Collectibles

In celebration of the 25th anniversary of "Fraggle Rock", MINDStyle has announced plans to releasing a set of Fraggle Rock figures. The series of vinyl figures based on the beloved characters are planned for released later this year.

MINDstyle has licensed several properties from the Jim Henson Company and has already produced several successful product lines, including the Jim Henson's City Critters and a series of high-end "Dark Crystal" collectibles. More limited-edition figures in the "Dark Crystal" line are currently in development. The third collectible, a replica of the Skeksis' castle, is planned for release this spring with more "Dark Crystal" products planned to follow.

Initial offerings of many new MINDStyle products, plus sneak-peaks at others upcoming figures, is planned to take place at the International Toy Fair in New York later this month. I'll be sure to keep you updated as soon as more information on these, and other pieces of Jim Henson merchandise, becomes available.


frogboy4 said...

First let me say - FRAGGLE FIGURES - this is so exciting! Second, I hope these are affordable. I have always wanted Dark Crystal figures, but theirs are far out of my price range. NECA and Palisades understood how such items should be priced. I can't help but feel slighted by the high SRP of the Crystal figures, especially as they are based on the (attractive) conceptual art rather than the (iconic and absolutely beautiful) puppets.

MINDstyle's work (in every product) is breathtaking! I just hope they keep the Fraggle figures in the $15-35 range rather than what seems to be an $80-150 for other such items.

Either way it's good to see the Fraggle gang making the public rounds in music, video, plush, print, caledars, clothing and now figures! Keep it coming!

Vaughn Michael said...

I at least hope the fraggle figures will be in scale with the muppets figures and wont tower over the muppets.

Greg said...

From what I've gathered, these will be more in line with the Jim Henson's City Critters figures in terms of price and distribution. Unlike the Dark Crystal figures, which are larger "limited edition" pieces (with numbered certificates and whatnot), these should be fairly affordable (well under $15) and have slightly larger runs.