Monday, February 04, 2008

Jim Henson Biopic in the Works

Empire Films has acquired the motion picture production and distribution rights to "Henson," an original screenplay by Robert D. Slane that chronicles the life and achievements of Muppet-creator, Jim Henson. Empire is planning to start production later this summer, and has attached a $30-million budget to the project. A theatrical release for the film is currently slated for 2009.

"Henson" covers the life of the famous puppeteer, filmmaker and entertainment mogul - from his early fascination with television as a teenager, through his spectacular career and life achievements. Empire is planning to hire a major "well-known" director for the project and hopes to attract a notable cast of stars as well. Dean Hamilton-Bornstein will serve as executive producer on the film, with Eric Parkinson and Xavier Mitchell producing.

Bornstein commented on the project in a statement made earlier today stating: "This is a major project about an entertainer of legendary stature and worldwide acclaim. The script is superb and should provide a terrific roadmap for a completed film that will satisfy both mainstream audiences and critics. We are very excited about this acquisition and the commercial caliber of this project."

I will be sure to keep you updated with more information on this very exciting film as soon as more information surfaces.


Vaughn Michael said...

Red Green needs to play Jim Henson hands down he almost even sounds like Jim when he talks in his normal voice and has a beard like Jim and everything!
But seriously Penny Marshall they lady from the old k-mart commercials who used to hang out with Rosie...she's a well known director? since when..?
This is all very exciting though!

Brad said...

Steve "Red Green" Smith is a bit too old - I mean he's 60! Jim Henson only lived to age 53, and a lot of this film will show his younger days (his 20s, 30s and 40s).

And Penny Marshall is a pretty well known director...ever hear of "Big", "A League of Their Own", "The Preacher's Wife", "Riding in Cars with Boys" or "Renaissance Man" (to name but a few)?

However Marshall is not attached to direct this flick, she was just an example some press material of the caliber of director they are looking for.

frogboy4 said...

I like this idea. Fans will have to suspend disbelief a bit with whoever plays Henson. There's the man, the performer and his characters. This requires a good actor that can be trained to puppeteer well enough to be believable and be capable of putting-on a good Kermit voice. The choice also needs to be somewhere in his 30s. They should, and likely will, choose an actor over a puppeteer.

As for a director, Penny Marshall wouldn't be my pick, but she is quite reputable, capable and could get top stars attached to the project. Also, don't forget her direction of Robin Williams and Robert De Niro in "Awakenings". She's done a lot of things and some of them good. My fave will always be "Jumpin' Jack Flash" back when Whoopi was still funny.

She also started in television both performing and directing so she would understand a lot of Jim's struggles and triumphs in the medium. I don’t necessarily think she’s right for this but she is known and would be a good ‘type’ of director to attach.

Just amazing we're even talking about this. I hope they get use of the Muppets. I can't imagine otherwise.

Vaughn Michael said...

Well I think Steve could play older Jim well then is that better?
Steve also looks a heck of allot younger when he's clean shaven ;)
Reguardless of who's who and what's what this is exciting.