Saturday, February 09, 2008

Don't Eat the Microphone

This week, NPR's "In Character" takes a look at Sesame Street's famous Cookie-loving Muppet monster - the one and only Cookie Monster. The extensive piece gives a unique behind-the-scenes look at the creation, operation, personality and evolution of Cookie Monster. The segment will air on February 10, 2008 as part of the weekend edition of "All Things Considered", however you'll be able to listen to the entire piece online anytime at afterwards. Cookie Monster even made a personal visit to the NPR studio earlier this week for an exclusive interview.

The NPR website also features special audio and video extras to accompany the radio piece - Cheryl Henson talks about where all the cookies go, Frank Oz chats about Cookie Monster's grammar, and Carol-Lynn Parente debunks the "Veggie Monster" rumors. Plus there is an exclusive video showing Cookie Monster's time in the NPR studio.

So be sure to check out this week's "In Character" on NPR, or at, in order to learn a little more about everyone's favorite blue, furry and cookie-loving monster.

Go to Cookie's "In Character" report on


Nic kramer said...

Can't wait for interview! By the way, was that Dave Rudman performing Cookie in the video interview?

Vaughn Michael said...

I'd like to know who it was also.
Because while some of the phrases where spot on the voice and allot of the things he's said where quite off at times.
Othere than that though good job and fun to watch, my fave still was the martha stewart cookie monster bit.

Joey said...

The was in fact Mr. David Rudman performing Cookie Monster on NPR.

Anonymous said...

Or was it Eric Jacobson? That's what I think.

Joey M. said...

It was not Eric, it was definitely Rudman, trust me ;-) - he's been the one performing Cookie since 2001.

Anonymous said...

Ah, well if you're Joey M., I DO believe you! Thanks.