Monday, January 28, 2008

Henson Library Comes to iTunes

The Jim Henson Company announced today that select titles from their television and film library will now be available for purchase and download via the iTunes Store. The Jim Henson Company has partnered with New Video, a leading digital aggregator of independent video content, to bring several highly sought after programs to the iTunes Store - including "Fraggle Rock" and "Farscape" television series.

The first batch of Henson Company material launched on iTunes today, including the entire first seasons of "Fraggle Rock" (24 episodes) and the complete first season of "Farscape" (22 episodes). Digital releases of the subsequent seasons of these two show are planned to happen in the coming months, and other film and television productions will likely enter the iTunes catalog in the near future as well.

Henson has also released a new episode of the Podcast today. The latest installment of the podcat discusses the release of these Henson titles on iTunes and gives some insights on what the future will hold for the Henson library; plus Nicole Goldman answer some listener mail about the newly updated


Chris said...

I wonder when these will go live on iTunes. I checked a few times since the announcement was sent out and they're nowhere to be found.

Chris said...

OK they're both up, but so far you can't search for them. You have to find them from the cover flow gallery in the TV section.

creepylesbo said...

I REALLY wish they'd clarify in these announcements that they are only releasing it in the USA version of iTunes. I live in the UK and am now really disappointed because it's not on the UK iTunes sjop - and I suspect that means it's not in a number of other international versions.