Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Final Fraggle Rock Season Coming to DVD!

Tomorrow marks the 25th anniversary of Fraggle Rock - the first episode debuted on HBO on January 10, 1983. The show ran for more than 4 years, spawned 96 episodes, produced more than 150 original songs, and inspired and entertained an entire generation of fans. In 2005, The Jim Henson Company and HIT Entertainment partnered to release the complete first season in a deluxe box set loaded with hours of bonus features. Seasons two and three followed with equally impressive sets in 2006 and 2007, and now fans are waiting to discover what the fate will be for the final episodes of this beloved show and their DVD collections.

Well, the Jim Henson Company and HIT Entertainment are planning to release the final 24 episodes of Fraggle Rock in a deluxe season box set later this year. That’s right Fraggle fans, the "Fraggle Rock - Complete Fourth Season" DVD box set is coming!

A representative from HIT Entertainment informed me earlier this week that the fourth season is tentatively lined up for release in "Fall 2008". Details on the specific disc specifications and bonus features are not available yet; however I've been told that a new batch of interviews and other behind the scenes content is currently being worked on for the set. I've told to expect a detailed announcement sometime this summer (and given the past timelines of when such information surfaces, it would be likely be around June or July).

This DVD box set will include the final 24 episodes of the series. Whereas HBO had stretched the 96 episodes of Fraggle Rock into 5 broadcast season (of 24, 24, 22, 13 and 13 episodes respectively); Henson had produced and filmed the series in 4 evenly sized seasons of 24 episodes each. HIT is following the production seasons with these sets, and I have been told that all of the remaining episodes will be included on this final set.

With this release fans will finally be able to complete their collections and own every episode of this beloved series. I will be sure to keep you all posted as soon I hear anymore on this highly anticipated "Fraggle Rock – Complete Fourth Season" set (due to hit stores in "Fall 2008").

Episode Listing:
• "
Sidebottom Blues"
• "Uncle Matt's Discovery"
• "Junior Faces the Music"
• "A Tune for Two"
• "The Perfect Blue Rollie"
• "A Brush with Jealousy"
• "Wembley's Flight"
• "Red's Blue Dragon"
• "Wonder Mountain"
• "Space Frog Follies"
• "Boober Gorg"
• "Mirror, Mirror"
• "The Riddle of Rhyming Rock"
• "The Voice Inside"
• "The Trial of Cotterpin Doozer"
• "The River of Life"
• "Beyond the Pond"
• "Gone, But Not Forgotten"
• "Mokey, Then and Now"
• "Ring Around the Rock"
• "Inspector Red"
• "The Gorg Who Would Be King"
• "The Honk of Honks"
• "Change of Address"


frogboy4 said...

Thanks for the update and thank you Newsflash for getting all the Muppety (and Fraggley) goodness to us fanatics who need it so desperately! Thus far Muppet Newsflash has been the best updated resource on Muppets and the Jim Henson Company I have encountered on the web. Keep up the good work. I'm hooked.

I'm anxious to know all the extras this release will contain.

wel said...

I am looking forward to the final dvd set.


Anonymous said...

I'm so excited about getting the last of fraggle rock.
But the episode list only had twentyfour episodes listed... are we going to get the two that we didn't get from season three??? I sure hope so. Because I do love fraggle rock.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad this DVD is coming out!! I have been searching for episode 507 where Wembly's Mudbunny friend dies, it was so sad but it taught me a great lesson about death as a child. I love the song "Just a dream away" Can't wait to buy it!