Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Fraggle Rock Season 2 Features

HIT Entertainment has released more information the upcoming "Fraggle Rock- Complete Second Season" DVD box set, including their tentative list of features and specifications. So without further adue here are the disc specifications and sales information (including cover art) for the upcoming DVD set. Enjoy!

Fraggle Rock: Complete Second Season DVD Box Set

Disc Specifications:

  • All 24 season 2 episodes
  • A special Jerry Juhl tribute
  • All new interviews with "Fraggle Rock" cast and creators
  • Deluxe embossed collector's box and packaging
  • ...and more!

Retail Specifications:

  • 4-disc DVD collection
  • $44.99 suggested retail price
  • Release date: September 5, 2006


Nic Kramer said...

Hey Gelfing Waldo, I was wondering if it's true that we won't get The Muppet Show: Season 2 Boxset until next year.

CreatureMaster said...

no, it's not. the season 2 box set is due next fall.

the owner said...

Is there any logical reason why Mokey is left off the cover art!??