Monday, September 10, 2007

Henson Dispatches a Squad of Monkey Detectives to the Web

Warner Bros. announced big plans today to launch a service to provide original video programming on the web. The studio is lined up to create 24 new web productions – including mini-movies, talk shows, comedies series, science fiction programs and original animation. The productions on this slate of web shows are already entering production and are expected to hit the web in the coming year. Some of these original productions are coming from the creative minds of the Jim Henson Company.

A puppet comedy series for adults called "S.U.D.S." (which stands for "The Simian Undercover Detective Squad")" will follow a group of ape investigators. The comedic and irreverent detective series is being produced by the Jim Henson Company as a part of their new “Henson Alternative” brand of adult comedy productions. "S.U.D.S." is just one of the new webseries that Warner Bros. will be using to launch their new digital entertainment - rumor has it that Henson is also working to develop two other projects for the studio (however details have surfaced on these yet). RealNetworks has already agreed to distribute the Jim Henson projects on the web for Warner Bros.

No other details have been released on this project yet, but I’ll be sure to keep you updated.

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