Saturday, July 21, 2007

Jim Henson's Critters Coming Soon!

The Jim Henson Company will be exhibiting a new line of figurines in a series entitled "Jim Henson's Critters" at the upcoming Comic-Con convention in San Diego. These new figures, based on designs and sketches of creatures by Jim Henson, will be produced by MINDstyle and Toy Tokyo and will showcase the one of a kind style and flair of Jim Henson's fun and festive designs and doodles. A wider release of the figures is expected to roll out later this year after their unveiling at Comic-Con next week. I will keep you posted with information and details on these figures as I get it - but until then, you can take a peek at the figures below.


Anonymous said...

Those are amazing!
They're going to go well with my muppet figures collection!
I hope they end up coming out in stores.
-Vaughn Michael/thejimhensonhour

Anonymous said...

Those are great looking toys!

AustinMuppet said...

So, are these gonna be available outside of Comic-Con?

I hope so, they're really cool :P

Anita said...

If they can be purchased, you can bet I'll be purchasing them!! Great toys! Thanks for the post!

Mimi said...

They are so cute, I only got 4 at the comic con, because at con they sold blind box, I bought 5 and 2 are the same. But they just soo cute. and I also got 2 of the skrumps series 1. I hope they will be available at the store so I can complete my collections.