Sunday, February 04, 2007

Update on NECA's Labyrinth Figures

As reported earlier, NECA is working on several Labyrinth themed action figures - namely Jareth the Goblin King. That action figure is tentatively lined-up for release next month. And for those interested, pictures and pre-orders are up around the web.

But aside from Jereth, NECA also is planning to release a detailed Hoggle action figure to accompany the Goblin King. The figure is planned for release this spring as well. Also in development (not sure on where, when, or how they will be released) are a host of goblins from the film. Approximately six unique goblin figures based on specific characters from the film are currently in the works. NECA is still looking at when and how they will release them, but plans are to release these goblins later in 2007.

NECA will be at Toy Fair in New York next week (February 11-14) and both the Jereth and Hoggle figures will be on display. For those wanting an early glimpse at the Labyrinth figures be sure to pick-up the latest issue of "Lee's Toy Review". The magazine includes pictures of both the completed Jareth and Hoggle figures as well as five photos of the work-in-progress goblin sculpts. I'll keep you posted as more information NECA's Labyrinth coverage develops, until then enjoy the copy of the Labyrinth images from "Lee's Toy Review" (click to enlarge).
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A very special thanks to Squigiman for providing the magazine scan.

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Anonymous said...

It's about time they released a Hoggle figure. It would be nice if they released one of Sarah too. After all, she is the main character. How could any collector not notice how she is always left in the cold? At least they're releasing Hoggle and some of the Goblins. This will look great amongst my giant Labyrinth collection which is mostly complete.

Although, I keep reading how they'll come out in 07 and it's kind-of late in 07 now and still all I can find is the Jareth 12" with sound. I know I know... patience is a virtue >;o