Friday, December 15, 2006

NECA Jareth Figure Update

As announced earlier, NECA is gearing up to release an action figure of Jareth the Goblin King from the Henson fantasy film Labyrinth. However it appears that some of the information floating around the net is inaccurate. Several images and bits of information have been surfacing on retailer sites - several of which are not officially endorsed. NECA has put out a warning to fans that some of the information being published by online retailers is not completely factual.

Several sales solicitations advertise that Jareth is coming with a goblin accessory and NECA now confirms that he does not come with such. NECA's online representative, Randy said that "We do have a host of goblins in development and are looking at when and how we will release them later in 2007. Jareth alone is a very expensive figure to produce because of the 2 capes (one of them is huge) and all the separate pieces that make up his hair." So a miscommunication took place between producers and retailers. A solo Jareth figure is planned for March, and other Goblins may follow separately.

Below is an official shot of the Jareth figure direct from NECA. I'll keep you posted as more information NECA's Labyrinth coverage develops.


Ron said...

must... have.. goblin accesories!!!

Ynot said...

Must have the David Bowie doll!!