Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Watch Sesame Street on Verizon Wireless' V CAST

Verizon Wireless and Sesame Workshop announced today an expansion to bring “Sesame Street” and “Plaza Sesamo” content to Verizon Wireless' V CAST mobile video service. With this announcement, Verizon becomes the largest wireless host of “Seseame Street” content and the first wireless carrier in the US to air “Plaza Sesamo”. Now, with just a few simple clicks, fans can view classic and new video segments from Sesame Street and Plaza Sesamo right on their phone.

Customers can enjoy the newly expanded of the Sesame Street channel. V Cast hold many new segments and educational videos for kids from the show – including episodes of “Elmo’s World”. Another new addition to the network is "Sesame Favorites," a large collection of videos featuring memorable songs, sketches, skits and celebrity appearances from the past 37 years.

The Plaza Sesamo channel, featuring a new two to three minute segment each day is also now available on V CAST. Fans, or those hoping to learn a little Spanish, can enjoy watching the Spanish Muppets Abelardo, Pancho, and Lola, perform songs, skits, and instruction directly from their phone.

To get Sesame Street and Plaza Sesamo, Verizon Wireless customers can equip their LG VX8300 phones with a V CAST VPak subscription for $15.00 monthly access, or $3.00 daily access, added to their Verizon Wireless calling plan. The subscription includes unlimited basic video. The Sesame Street content is now available to customers with V CAST-enabled phones via the Sesame Street channel (located in the newly created kids section). And Plaza Sesamo is available via the Sesame Street channel and through its own dedicated channel (located in the Latino section).

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