Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Henson Brings "The Skrumps" to Life

Last month the Jim Henson company shot a four-minute demo for a new televison production titled "The Skrumps", a series based on characters created by John Chandler. The Skrumps are unique and wacky characters that delight kids and adults of all ages.

These quirky creatures live in the world of Skrumpland. The Company has included existing characters like drummer Skrumpy and has also extended the Skrumps family with new characters like lead singer Wishbone and his lovelorn groupie Raisins.

Henson's production of "The Skrumps" features computer-generated puppets, using the revolutionary Henson Digital Performance Studio for character performance. Allan Trautman, one of the Henson performers that worked on the project, said "I’m pleased with the results, and glad to help bring this fun project to the next level."

It's is certain when, or where, audiences can expect to see "The Skrumps", but I'll keep you posted as more information on this project surfaces.

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