Tuesday, March 07, 2006

New Henson Biography

Ferguson Publishing Company plans on releasing a new biography on the life of Jim Henson. The book, titled "Jim Henson: Puppeteer and Filmmaker" is the latest installment in the Ferguson Career Biographies set. Written by James Robert Parish the book will provides a detailed look at the life of Muppet creator Jim Henson.

The hardcover book is listed with a reading level of "Grade 6 and up" and is approximately 144 pages of text (with over 20 black-and-white photographs; an extensive Henson timeline, career guide and more).

The official book summary reads as follows: "With his unwavering belief in the positive potential of puppetry and the media of film and television, Jim Henson became one of the most beloved artists of the past century. Henson's Muppets became the basis of the award-winning television series The Muppet Show, the stars of several highly successful feature films, and the foundation of one of the most influential children’s television programs in history, Sesame Street. Henson, who passed away in 1990, garnered many awards and is loved the world over for his creative efforts. This book features a career section following the biography that looks closely at Jim Henson’s career and presents important information about the career of puppetry and filmmaking."

The book will be released on April 30, 2006 and is already up for pre-order on sites such as Amazon.com for around $25.00 SRP.

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