Sunday, March 12, 2006

Nancy Sinatra, the Muppets and DVD

Nancy Sinatra has announced plans to release her three TV special stage shows - "Movin' with Nancy" (1967), "Movin' with Nancy on Stage" (1971) and "Movin' with Nancy Nice 'N' Easy" (1973). These three classic specials will be released in one special DVD package planned for release sometime in 2006.

The third special, "Movin' with Nancy Nice 'N' Easy", will be of interest to Henson fans, as the special co-stars Jim Henson's Muppets. The 50-minute special was filmed at NBC Burbank studios in 1973 and has never been aired or released before. Aside from Nancy's Muppets co-stars, the show also featured performances from Sugar Ray, Frank Sinatra Jr. and Nancy's husband Hugh Lambert, and more. I'll keep you posted as more details on the releases of this rare and classic Muppet appearance surface.

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Anonymous said...

This would be absolutely fantastic. I worked in Las Vegas in 1971 in a fabulous show group called Calliope. We played in the 750 seat dinner theatre room at The International (now HIlton) with Little Richard and Redd Foxx. Nancy worked the 1000 seat showroom with Glenn Campbell and they were both great show acts that I was able to see many times over. The memories of her doing Boots and working the huge tall muppets onstage is a great memory.

Thanks Rich Dalton Las Vegas NV