Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Fraggle Rock Season 2 on DVD!

Dance your cares away, worries for another day, let the music play! Why? Because the good folks at HIT Entertainment have officially stated that "Fraggle Rock - Complete Second Season" DVD box set is officially coming! Not only that, but they know when too. The tentatively scheduled release date for the box set is September 5, 2006. As, you may know, the first season of Fraggle Rock was released last September after nine months of hard work. When the set hit store shelves in Septemebr 2005 it sold very well (quickly becoming one of HIT's top selling DVD products of all time). But for months now the fans have been waiting for the good news that HIT will release the subsequent seasons as well.

Dave Goelz confirmed at a Henson/Fraggle event this past weekend that The Jim Henson Company has begun scanning the archives for bonus material for the second season box set. Phillip Chapman, webmaster of Muppet Central, broke this great news earlier today - you can read his full article here.

HIT has the distribution rights to Fraggle Rock until 2009 (and they may end up extending their contract with Henson past that), so even at the rate of one season set per year (which is just as fast, or faster, than many TV shows coming to DVD in deluxe box sets) they could still get the whole show out before their time is up, by the end of 2008 or 2009 (depending on if they combine the much smaller fourth and fifth seasons into one set).

Also on a somewhat related note, the "Fraggle Rock Complete Second Season" set is the only Fraggle Rock DVD release that HIT is planning for the rest of the year (as of now). Since 2004, HIT has been releasing single-disc DVD’s with select episodes from the show every 3-4 months. Five of these smaller releases have been produced, but now HIT is taking a break from the smaller and casual DVDs. I'll keep you all posted as soon I hear anymore on Fraggle Rock DVDs, Henson DVD, Muppet DVD and, of course, this highly anticipated Fraggle Rock Season 2 set.

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And no Muppet Show (much less Muppet Babies) dvd announcement? Sigh...