Saturday, August 27, 2005

Fraggle Zazzle

A few months ago, Disney teamed up with to give fans the ability to create their own custom Muppet apparel. Now, HIT Entertainment is also partnering up with Zazzle to bring the same type of service to fans of Fraggle Rock. Dazzle's new merchandising concept lets you make your own T-shirt online, using an astonishingly large selection of images, phrases, and designs. The shirts won't be the cheapest articles of clothing in you wardrobe, but where else are you going to get a custom T-shirt with Gobo, Wembly, or Sproket on it? The Fraggle store at Zazzle has not opened yet, but is planned to go live in September - an insert ad found in the upcoming "Fraggle Rock - Complete First Season" DVD box set provides more information and details. I'll keep you updated on this venture as more information becomes available.

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