Thursday, August 25, 2005

Bonus Fraggle CD at Best Buy only.

In June it was reported that the "Fraggle Rock - Complete First Season" DVD box set would come with a bonus CD-ROM full of all kinds of Fraggle fun. However since this was originally announced, HIT Entertainment has decided to offer this only as a special store exclusive for Best Buy retail stores. The special CD-ROM will included Fraggle Rock desktop themes, screensavers, wallpaper and an all new desktop game called "Fraggle Rock: Jump & Munch". Best Buy will be offering the Fraggle Rock season 1 box set with the exclusive CD-ROM enclosed -- the CD-ROM will not be available anywhere else. So if you want the bonus CD-ROM, be sure to pick up your copy at you local Best Buy, or order your copy from


Anonymous said...

I ordered my boxset from Best Buy but it didn't come with a CD-ROM. Was I supposed to buy it at the store and not pre-order it? Is there something I don't know that I should?

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