Wednesday, January 20, 2010

"Song of the Cloud Forest" Comes to DVD

Today, Lionsgate Entertainment has informed retailers that a DVD of Jim Henson's Song of the Cloud Forest will be available starting on April 13, 2010. Originally appearing as part of "The Jim Henson Hour" in 1989, "Song of the Cloud Forest" features a blend of music, puppetry and animation resulting in a vibrant landscape of color that echoes the natural beauty found in the real world's rain forests. Starring a brightly colored cast of puppet animals, the show celebrates the beauty of this natural environment, while educating about the real dangers threatening the survival of both the rain forests and their inhabitants. "Song of the Cloud Forest" features a vibrant blend of music, puppetry and animation in a unique celebration of the rain forests.

Running 100-minutes, this disc will include the half-hour-long title story, plus three bonus episodes from othe Henson productions: the Fraggle Rock episode "River of Life", plus two installments of Jim Henson's Animal Show: "Owl & Frog" and "Kangaroo & Frog".

Lionsgate will release this special DVD title just in time for Earth Day 2010. I will keep you updated as more release information on this exciting Jim Henson title becomes available.

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Vaughn Michael said...

wow I am so excited for this release!
I really wish we could get the jim henson hour on dvd though.