Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Follow that Grouch!

Today, Canada's Waste Reduction Week announced Sesame Street's beloved Oscar the Grouch would return for a second year as the program's spokes-Muppet. However Oscar is missing and Waste Reduction Week officials suspect the grouch is secretly learning about waste reduction in Canada.

In the midst of the announcement that Oscar and other Sesame Street Muppets would participate in promoting Wast Reduction Week, a number of unsubstantiated reports began surfacing, claiming that Oscar has actually gone missing. Oscar's Sesame Street neighbours believe he is secretly roaming the Great White North to learn why Canadians are so concerned about trash and reducing waste.

"Sesame Workshop will neither confirm nor deny Oscar's current whereabouts or position on waste reduction, but he was recently seen wearing a hat made from a discarded banana peel," said Risa Greenbaum, Sesame Workshop's Assistant Vice President of International Licensing.

Over the past few days, videos have surfaced claiming that Canadians have seen Oscar in different locations across the country. Although no one has been able to speak directly with Oscar to find out exactly what he is doing in Canada, it appears he has been leaving clues leading many to believe he is on a mission. The Canadians have started a grassroots viral campaign called OscWatch to help raise awareness of Oscar's whereabouts and expand the search. Videos posted on the OscWatch website show Canadians who claim they have seen Oscar to help establish a trail leading to his location.

The Waste Reduction Week program urges Canadians to do their part by reducing, reusing and recycling in every aspect of their lives - at home, school and work. The all-new promotional materal starring Oscar the Grouch, Big Bird, Elmo and othe other Muppets debuted in Canada this week to kick-off the 2009 campaign. Check out for more information on Waste Redution Week and keep checking back for updates on the whereabouts of Oscar.

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