Monday, June 01, 2009

Henson Alternative Teams Up with Microsoft for "Mann-ster"

As previously reported, the Jim Henson Company has partnered with to produce two original web series under their Henson Alternative banner. These two series, "Simian Undercover Detective Squad" and "Alt/Reality", are planned to debut on the web later this year. The company is also partnering with Microsoft to produce an original Henson Alternative webseries. The new series is being developed by the Henson Company for Microsoft's Zune.

The upcoming series, entitled "Mann-ster", will be a live-action puppet series about a hapless man who works as a mall cop by day, but turns into a crime-fighting hamster at night.

Producers are aiming to distribute "Mann-ster" for the viewing on Microsoft's Zune media player with the potential for additional distribution via the MSN online and Xbox Live platforms. I will be sure to keep you updated with more details this upcoming Henson Alternative project as more details are confirmed.

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frogboy4 said...

I am excited about these Henson projects.

Will this content be available online without any of these platforms? I thought Zune was dead and that the X-box was fading. I guess Apple nixed the idea. Maybe they found something offensive. Half joking about that, but they've been censoring a lot of content these days.