Thursday, June 11, 2009

Elmo's World Explores Faces on DVD

Sesame Workshop and Genius Products are planning to release a band-new DVD entitled "Elmo's World: All About Faces!" on September 1, 2009. This 56-minute DVD will feature three complete episode of "Elmo's World" focusing on the face - noses, eyes and mouths.

"Elmo's World" stars the loveable Muppet Elmo along with his goldfish Dorothy and his silent human friend Mr. Noodles. In this collection of episodes Elmo learns about winking and whistling, he discovers that the optometrist can help you take care of your eyes, he finds out why it's important to blow your nose; and learns how brushing your teeth will help keep your mouth happy. Episodes on this DVD feature appearances by Cookie Monster, Bert & Ernie, Oscar the Grouch, and special guest Fred Newman.

Bonus features on this DVD include the all-new "Elmo's Make-a-Face" game, which allows players to mix-and-match facial features (such as eyes and noses) to create their own unique Sesame Street characters. I will be sure to keep you posted with more information on this title as more details become available.