Saturday, April 11, 2009

May Brings Week of New "Sid the Science Kid" Episodes

Young scientists can prepare for a week of brand-new episodes of "Jim Henson's Sid the Science Kid" because 5 new episodes will hit PBS airwaves early next month. The new week of programming begins Monday, May 4, 2009 with a special Mother's Day episode (check your local listings for details). The new week of shows focus on the human body as each day highlights various organ systems - digestive, muscular, respiratory, skeletal, and nervous.

Additionally, the special Mother's Day episode, entitled "Special Mom Day Meal," will also be repeated on the actual holiday Sunday, May 10, 2009. "Sid the Science Kid" airs weekdays on PBS (check your local listings for details). You won't want to miss these spectacular new episodes as they make their debut. For more "Sid the Science Kid" fun check out the show's official website at And also be sure to check out our complete "Sid the Science Kid" episode guide, to see what the entire season has had in store for Sid and his friends, and what topics the young scientists will explore next. I will be sure to keep you updated with more information regarding this new series as things continue to develop.

"Special Mom Day Meal" - May 4, 2009
Sid declares that it's a special Mom Day, so he makes Mom French toast for breakfast. When Sid smells the French toast and his stomach growls, he wonders if his stomach is trying to talk to him. When Sid and his friends investigate at school, they discover that the stomach makes noise when it's getting ready for digestion.

"I Have Muscles Where?" - May 5, 2009
When Sid's Dad tells him a really funny joke, Sid laughs so hard that his face hurts. Sid wonders why his face would hurt if the joke was funny? When Sid and his friends investigate at school, they learn that they have muscles all over their bodies, even in their faces!

"Sid's Amazing Lungs" - May 6, 2009
Sid races around his room and finds himself breathing really fast. Sid then wonders where all the air is going in his body when he breathes in? At school, Sid and his friends discover that our bodies have lungs to help us breathe in oxygen!

"How Did My Dog Do That?" - May 7, 2009
When Sid's dog uses his foot to scratch his ear, Sid tries the same maneuver, but can't do it. Sid explores skeletons, and discovers that animals have different bones and joints than people, which allows them to do lots of cool stuff like swing from trees, fly in the air, or even scratch their ears with their feet!

"Now That's Using Your Brain" - May 8, 2009
When Sid figures out a new way to get ready for school super fast, Mom says to him, "Now that's using your brain!" Sid wants to know that means, and discovers that the brain controls all kinds of things like walking, thinking, breathing, and getting ready for school!

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