Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ain't It Cool News Reviews New Muppet Movie Script

As many of you are probably aware, actor/writer Jason Segel and writer/director Nick Stoller have been working on a screenplay for a new Muppet movie. Last year, Segel had confirmed that they were half way through a script, and more recently Segel said that the duo turned in a 114-page script to the executives at Disney. Now a source at Ain't It Cool News claims to have read their completed draft and shares some thoughts on the completed script. The project has the working title of The Greatest Muppet Movie of All Time, and the script review is full of spoilers.

The basic premise is pretty close to what was revealed back in 2008 – basically a story centering on Kermit having to reunite the gang to save the studio from an evil oil tycoon. Ain't It Cool News' script review also describes many of the planned celebrity cameos, along with sharing details on some specific scenes, parodies, gags, and even what characters are (and are not) featured in the script. The reviewer (under the alias "The Great Gonzo") shares their thoughts on the script (including the good and the bad) and it is definitely full of spoilers - so if you don't want to ruin the fun of seeing the movie, I suggest simply not reading it.

Please note that the opinions in this review are merely those of one individual who read a draft of the script. The script is still very much a work-in-progress and a whole lot could change between now and when they actually start filming. However, this script review does give an idea on the direction Segel and Stoller are planning to take the characters with their script.

I will be sure to keep you updated with more information on this project as information continues to surface.


Thomas said...

Wow! This is really cool....I read the review, and this movie sounds VERY promising. This is probably the most exciting Henson news I've heard since they started talking about "Power of the Dark Crystal".
I just hope it doesnt get caught up in the same development problems.....

frogboy4 said...

Thanks for clearing up the Gonzo guise fan element to the script review. I knew this came neither from Goelz nor Disney.

I like most of what's been said. I do think Scooter's role should be beefed up. The Gofer should be a priority. Also, Pepe's inclusion should be greater. Let's face it, it seems like he's always been there. He should hold at least supporting cast status. New Muppets should at least get some background time and possible one-liners if appropriate.

The Musical elements weren't mentioned other than the closing credit pitch. I remember Siegel speaking of writing some temporary songs in the script so I'm sure it will be filled with music.

The understanding, inclusion and separation of the Hollywood Muppet Studios and New York Muppet Theater seems promising.

Kermit's jealousy is a great twist! This is on the right track. The name is a lot to live up to!

Anonymous said...

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Mr. Alpha said...

More Pepe Period.