Tuesday, January 06, 2009

"Follow That Bird" DVD Specs

Back in early-December Warner Home Video announced the March 29th release of the deluxe "Follow that Bird" 25th Anniversary Edition DVD. The studio has kindly sent us a look at the rear package art for this release, which reveals this edition's special and technical features:

Special Feature:s
- New Interview with Caroll Spinney (performer of Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch)
- "Jump to a Song" Sing-Along feature
- Downloadable Coloring Sheets (DVD-ROM)
- Theatrical Trailer

Technical Specifications:
- Original Widescreen presentation (newly restored)
- Languages: English (5.1 Dolby Digital), Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese
- Subtitles: English, French, Spanish, Japanese and Portuguese


The Griffin said...

I think the Sleeze Brothers had something to do with the packaging for this movie. Elmo? C'mon, two seconds of screen time shouldn't get you a spot on the cover.

Too bad Big Bird, Oscar, Bert & Ernie (not even pictured!), Snuffelufagus, The Count, Grover, and Telly Monster aren't enough to get kids excited.

Elmo might just be the worst best thing to happen to Sesame Street.

Anonymous said...

A commentary would have been nice. Still I'll be picking it up for the OAR.

frogboy4 said...

Um, I wanted more but just having it in widescreen is enough. I hope the Spinney interview has a healthy running time.

Commentary really would have been nice. I can't imagine nobody was up for providing that.

That little red guy demands attention. I guess lontime fans like me ignoring Elmo hasn't helped him go away.