Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Photos from Sesame Street on "Scrubs"

ABC's publicity department has released several photos from the upcoming Sesame Street-filled episode of "Scrubs" entitled "My ABC's". The episode, which will feature guest appearances by the Muppets of Sesame Street, is set to air on ABC on January 20, 2009.

In the episode, J.D. learns the hard way that not even Elmo and his friends from Sesame Street can teach the gift of compassion to those who don't care to learn. The episode will feature appearances by Elmo, Grover, Oscar the Grouch and others. You can check out the promotional images below.


BJ said...

Slay me if you must, but who's the orange Muppet in the hospital gown in the left photo in the bottom row?


klevergirl said...

Who sings the Sesame Street song at the end of the episode? Anybody know?

Ashley said...

Joshua Radin sings it, but good luck finding it :(
I can't find it anywhere

Torsten Adair said...

And while we're on the subject... There is an episode of the Cosby Show featuring Muppets voiced by Kevin Clash!