Monday, November 03, 2008

Third "Unstable Fables" Comes in Time for Christmas

Following the sucessful releases of "3 Pigs and a Baby" and "Tortoise vs Hare", the Jim Henson Company and Genius Products are preparing the third title in their inovative "Unstable Fables" series. The latest installment in the computer-generated film series is planned to hit stores just in time for Christmas. "Unstable Fables: The Goldilocks and the 3 Bears Show" is currently set for release on December 16, 2008.

When a classic fairy tale collides with reality television, the result is one outrageous and funny film that the whole family can enjoy. Goldilocks, a spoiled television star, moves in with a family of three bears to be filmed 24/7 for a "Big Brother"/"Real World" style reality show in an effort to boost her career. The original direct-to-DVD feature will showcase the vocal talents of an all-star cast - including Brooke Shields, Tom Arnold and Jamie Lynn Spears. The DVD will include a deluxe widescreen presentation of the film along with a collection of exclusive bonus features.

So be sure to pick up your copies of "3 Pigs and a Baby" and "Tortoise vs. Hare" and be sure to check out "The Goldilocks and the 3 Bears Show" when it hits stores this holiday season. I will be sure to keep you updated as more information on future installments in the "Unstable Fables" series become available.


frogboy4 said...

While I enjoy the character design, can somebody hit the snooze alarm on this stuff? It just doesn't transcend the kid medium like the bulk of Henson related projects. Sesame still has a world more wit than these tele-films. They aren't bad, they just don't have the same degree of excellence I have come to expect from the Henson name.

Ph33r said...

any sign of this latest DVD is sounds like the kids would love it!

it was supposed to be released almost a month ago but i cant see it anywhere for sale?