Monday, October 06, 2008

Pajanimals Comes to Sprout on November 2nd

As previously reported, "Jim Henson's Pajanimals", the Jim Henson Company's newest puppet series, is planned to debut on PBS KIDS Sprout later this year as part of the network's evening programming block. Sprout has now set an exact premiere date - "Jim Henson's Pajanimals" will debut on Sunday, November 2, 2008 during Sprout's signature nighttime block, "The Good Night Show".

This original, short-form musical series is designed to be both entertaining and educational as it helps comfort preschool viewers with bedtime themes and transitional issues such as separating from mom at the end of the day, healthy routines, sleeping through the night and being comfortable with the lights out.

The Pajanimals' bedtime antics will touch a chord with parents and children alike who will relate to the night time songs they sing. The Pajanimals include Sweetpea Sue, a shy, smart pony who never forgets to wash up before bedtime; Squacky, an excitable duck who sometimes has a hard time settling down at night; Cow Bella, a creative, well mannered cow with an Italian accent "Ciao Bella"; and Apollo, an upbeat, optimistic pup who loves space adventures but has a slight case of separation anxiety.

Below is a special sneak-peek of the Pajanimals -- and for more information, check out our previous report on the upcoming series. I will keep you updated with more information on this new bedtime series as things develop.

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