Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Lots of Sesame Street DVDs Coming Your Way in '09!

Sesame Workshop and Genius Products are planning to release slue of exciting new DVDs next year. These DVDs have it all - love, pirates, birthdays, bedtime, faces, and a big 2-disc anniversary celebration! Here's the scoop on several of these upcoming DVD titles.

Elmo makes a special surprise card for someone he really loves in the new direct-to-video production "Elmo Loves You!". However when the wind blows it away, Rosita and Super Grover join Elmo in pursuit of his card. Will Elmo be able to give his surprise card to someone very special? Join Elmo, Rosita and Grover as they learn about love, emotions and friendship in this tale featuring the new song "Elmo Loves You" and a special music video. This all-new DVD is due out in January 2009 (just in time for Valentine's Day).

Sesame Street takes to the high seas in "Sesame Street: Pirates!", a swashbuckeling DVD planned for release in April 2009. Elmo and Alan are visted by a ship full of pirates calling themselves "The Bookaneers" (because they love reading and they love books). The pirates, led by Tina Fey, invite Elmo to become a Bookaneer. However he'll have to pass the Bookaneer test first. Can Elmo find the pirate’s treasure and become a Bookaneer? Join Elmo as he sets sail on to learn all about about literacy and letters.

Birthdays can be filled with lots of fun and surprises; cake, games, presents and songs...but what happens at birthday parties in Fairytale Land? Elmo and Abby attend Little Red Riding Hood’s birthday celebration in the all-new direct-to-DVD feature "Birthday Fun With Elmo and Abby". The DVD, slated for release in June 2009, will also features a new "Birthday Dance" music video as well as the Elmo’s World "Birthdays" episode as bonuses.

Nighttime comes to Sesame Street in the forthcoming DVD "Bedtime With Elmo" which expected to hit stores in July 2009. Elmo wants to play rather than go to bed, so his daddy shows him why everyone needs sleep. Filled with bedtime stories, lullabies and dreams; this video will also include a special DVD extra featuring Andrea Bocelli singing "Time To Say Goodnight" to Elmo.

Next up is "Elmo's World: One Fine Face", the latest Elmo's World compilation, due out in October 2009. The single-disc DVD release will include three Elmo's World episodes dealing with "Eyes", "Noses" and "Mouths".

The final DVD that Sesame Workshop has planned for 2009 is a special "Sesame Street: 40th Anniversary" DVD release - planned to hit stores in November 2009 (in order to coincide with the 40th anniversary of the landmark show's debut). This special dvd will celebrate 40 years of Sesame Street by highlighting favorite stories, songs, Muppets celebrities, and sketches. This two-disc set will feature content from the first twenty years on disc one, and the second twenty years on the second disc. This comprehensive collection is expected to contain many fan favorites along with some special surprises to reflect the content of the past, present and even some unreleased segments being created for the future.

So, needless to say, it looks like 2009 will be an exciting year for Sesame Street fans and collectors. And, as always, I will be sure to keep you updated with even more information on all of these Sesame Street DVDs as soon as more information becomes available.


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Yes, are there plans THIS year for Old School Vol. 3?

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Where the hell is Old School Vol. 3?

Nick said...

These Sesame Street DVDs are going to be great for the kids to watch. My youngest son loves Big Bird, and asks me why our pet bird doesn’t talk more like him! But the bird does talk funny and my wife recently entered him in the Birds on Broadway contest on The deadline is October 14th so we made it in time and hopeful our talented pet will win!