Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Muppet Comics Coming from BOOM!

As previously reported, BOOM! Studios is planning to release a series of Muppet comic books. The comics will launch next year with a miniseries written by Roger Langridge. As you may know, Langridge had previously created Muppet comics for the now defunct Disney Adventure magazine. The single comics in the initial miniseries will also be designed to be collected together into a trade paperback as well. The debut four-issue miniseries will be based on "The Muppet Show" and is said to be very much in the same vein as the show -- with a lot of skits and gags. Each book will have its own storylines, but there will also be an overlapping narrative connecting all four books. The first installment will focus on Kermit, the second on Fozzie Bear, the third on Gonzo, and the fourth book will be a Miss Piggy book. The debut installment is planned for release in the Spring of 2009.

After the initial miniseries, Langridge will be working with various writers and artists to create future miniseries. BOOM's second batch of Muppet comics are said to feature the Muppets in parodies of classic literary works – such as Robin Hood, King Arthur and the Three Musketeers. According to series editor Paul Morrissey, the approach with these books will be to basically do "kid-friendly Monty Python."

The new comics are sure to garner a lot of attention from Muppet fans when it debuts early next; and you can be sure that I'll keep you updated with more information on these upcoming books as soon as more details become available.


frogboy4 said...

Do we have more art on this? I'm still a little concerned about the Roger Langridge look defining the Muppets for all comics to come when I'd like to see a sampling of different styles.

I'm also concerned of him eventually taking over writing duties when he doesn't know that it's "Wocka, Wocka" and not "Wakka, Wakka" as featured in his Fozzie Bear comic. There are enough Muppet fans that know this stuff that should be given that great honor. And more parodies? I was hoping to be done with that for a little while longer. The Muppets are headed in a great direction these days. They don’t need to repeat to the tired gimmicks of the 90s.

I am planning to buy the first issue. I am really interested in seeing the art. The Muppets have so much beauty to their design and deserve an artist that honors that. Heck, the Palisades figures directly researched the source material and are ready-made maquettes to inform any artist of the goings on of even Uncle Deadly below the waist. Much of the homework has already been painstakingly done. Whoever gets that opportunity should make a point to research the conceptual drawings of Frith and Jim along with the beautiful Sahlin puppets. The Langridge style should take a back seat and not interfere with the inherent magical style of the Muppets.

I think this Muppet comic has the ability of becoming a great graphic novelization art piece instead of what has been reported. I would like to see a variety of artists interpret the Muppet characters in different ways instead of just this one.

I am still excited and will reserve judgement until after purchasing the first issue. I would still like to see some of this Comic Con book's sample art.

Anonymous said...

Langridge makes the Muppets look horrible. I will not be buying this.

Steven said...

Langridge did not make the Muppets look horrible. I thought it was a distinctly different look, but honestly I liked it! It wasn't too cartoon-y.

frogboy4 said...

I just caught a glimpse at a couple pages and this guy's Kermit is terrible! I hope Langridge revises his work on this or is altogether replaced. I cannot see this passing muster with most fans and it could stunt the future of Muppet comics. It's already causing complaints. I will still give it a chance, but Langridge appears more interested in making his mark on the Muppets than creating a genuine Muppet comic. His style is heavy-handed to say the least. I want to like this. (sigh)