Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Henson's "Time Piece" Comes to iTunes

Following in the footsteps of Jim Henson's "The Cube", the Jim Henson Company has just released another vintage Jim Henson film onto iTunes. Henson's award-winning short film "Time Piece" is now available to purchase in the iTunes Store. The film showcases the effects that time keeping has on life. The 1965 film stars Jim Henson in the leading role; Henson also wrote, directed, and produced the film. Time Piece received many awards, and was even nominated for an Academy Award in the "Best Short Subject" category. You can currently download the entire film via iTunes for only $1.99. The Jim Henson Company is planning to release more titles from their vast video libray on iTunes in the future. I will keep you updated as more titles become available.


smithco said...

Grr ... Again it seems that this is only available through the American iTunes. I would love to get this film, but I just can't find it here in Canada!

frogboy4 said...

I had to search through Jim Henson and then sift through the movie collection instead of the Time Piece title.