Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Sprout Set to Debut Jim Henson's Pajanimals

As previously reported, Jim Henson's Pajanimals, a new group of soft and cuddly puppets characters, is planned to debut on PBS KIDS Sprout later this year. This original, live-action musical series is planned to debut on the cable channel in November 2008 as part of the evening programming block. Designed and created by Jeff Muncy and Jim Henson’s Creature Shop, Pajanimals features four soft, cuddly puppets that entertain and comfort viewers with bedtime-themed songs and stories.

Pajanimals features Sweetpea Sue, a shy, smart pony who never forgets her bedtime routine of brushing her teeth, washing her face and putting on her PJs; Squacky, an excitable duck who sometimes has a hard time settling down at night; Cow Bella, a creative, well-mannered cow with an Italian accent who encourages the rest of the bunch to “do the right thing” around bedtime; and Apollo, an upbeat, optimistic puppy who loves space adventures but experiences separation anxiety.

Brian Henson, Lisa Henson and Halle Stanford are executive producing the project along with Jeff Muncy and Alex Rockwell. The series will also feature original music written by Michael and Patty Silversher with lyrics by Rockwell and Judy Rothman.

The original pre-school series is designed to help parents and children unwind at the end of the day and prepare for bedtime. I will be sure to keep you updated with the development and debut of this original Sprout series as more information surfaces.


Fletcher Bird said...

That looks really lovely, actually; Squacky is the most adorable name possbile for a duck! Looking forward to hearing the Silversher music and to seeing the puppets in action.

Vaughn Michael said...

Awwww! Those are so cute :)

frogboy4 said...

New real puppets from the Henson Company. With all the CG they're doing (and that's okay) it's great to see this new puppets.