Monday, May 05, 2008

Two Sesame Music Reissues Coming in June

Continuing their recent partnership with Sesame Workshop, KOCH Records has announced plans to re-releases two classic Sesame Street albums - "Hot! Hot! Hot! Dance Songs" and "The Best of Elmo" - on CD later this summer. These currently out-of-print albums are among Sesame Street's best selling audio releases and feature hours of great Sesame Street music. Both albums are set to be hit store shelves on June 24, 2008. These new CD releases have been updated with new artwork matching the new look of Sesame Workshop consumer products and CDs, and each CD will include a color booklet contain the lyrics to all the songs!

KOCH is planning more Sesame Street releases and, as always, I will keep you updated as information on future album releases surface. So be sure to pick up these albums when they hit stores in June (and with a suggested retail price around $10 each, how can you say no?). Below is a copy of the official track listing for each of these titles.

Hot! Hot! Hot! Dance Songs
1. Hot, Hot, Hot
2. Cat Had a Birthday
3. Doing the Penguin
4. Me Lost Me Cookie at the Disco
5. No-No-No!
6. Silly Squirrel Dance
7. Lambaba!
8. New Way to Walk
9. Do de Rubber Duck
10. Happy Tappin' With Elmo
11. Do the Dog
12. Mambo I, I, I
13. Clucky Clucky Chicken
14. Do the Benny Hop
15. Macarena
The Best of Elmo
1. Sesame Street Theme
2. Elmo's Song
3. Happy Tappin' with Elmo
4. One Fine Face
5. Off to School
6. Elmo Wrote His Name
7. Splish Splash
8. Imagination
9. Drive My Car
10. Be Doodle Dee Dum
11. Elmo's Rap Alphabet
12. In Your Imagination
13. Take a Breath
14. Just One Person
15. Sing

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