Thursday, May 01, 2008

Rosita to Appear on CBS and ABC this Weekend

Rosita, the loveable Muppet of Sesame Street fame, will be making several morning talk show appearances this weekend in an effort to promote the recent launch of Sesame Workshop's "Talk, Listen, Connect: Deployments, Homecomings, Changes" initiative.

Rosita will first appear with Sesame Workshop CEO Gary Knell on CBS' "The Early Show" on Saturday, May 3rd at 9:25am to talk about the "Talk, Listen, Connect" initiative.

Rosita will then make an appearance on ABC's "Good Morning America: Weekend Edition" on Sunday, May 4th at 7:30am to chat with Lee Woodruff about the new TLC programs. "Good Morning America" will also air an interview with Dr. Jeanette Betancourt (Sesame Workshop Vice President for Education, Research and Outreach) and a real military family that benefited from from the TLC programs.

So check your local listings for details, and be sure to tune in this weekend to catch Rosita on "The Early Show" and "Good Morning America".


Steve S said...

Hmm, it seems like both of those shows are on Saturdays in my area. I taped them both, but didn't see Rosita or Mr. Knell. Did plans change?

Greg J. said...

You can watch the GMA appearance online at the official GMA website: