Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Muppet Show Season 3 is Coming!

Buena Vista Home Entertainment will release the highly-anticipated "The Muppet Show: The Complete Third Season" on DVD next week! The fully-loaded DVD box set will hit store shelves on May 20, 2008. The four-disc "special edition" set includes all 24 episodes from the third season of "The Muppet Show" plus with a great collection of bonus features.

This set includes 24 classic episode of "The Muppet Show" (digitally restored and remastered) including such guest stars as Roy Clark, Pearl Bailey, Jean Stapleton, Harry Belefonte, Danny Kaye, Cheryl Ladd, Raquel Welch, Roy Rogers, Dale Evans, and Sylvester Stallon.

The DVD also includes the classic 1968 documentary "Muppets on Puppets", an all-new featurette entitled "A Company of Players", and a nice collection of vintage Muppet commericals. For a more in-depth look at the bonus features on the set, check out our brand-new article on the Season 3 bonus features by clicking here.

If you haven't reserved your copy yet, you can pre-order a copy at Amazon.com for the low-price of just $25. You'll want to be sure to pick up this box set when it hits stores on Tuesday. With hours of classic Muppet mayhem, "The Muppet Show: Complete Third Season" is a must-have item for any Muppet fan.

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Pete said...

I'm liking the bonus features on these DVDs, but I really need to know: WHEN ARE WE GOING TO GET SOME MORE "Sam & Friends" footage? I'm 30 and remember this from some Jim Henson anniversary show back when I was 10 or so. I can only find a couple really old commercials featuring Kermit and Rowlf, but I know there was more great "Sam & Friends" action (well, comedy) that needs to be shown to all generations of Henson fans. PLEASE MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Anonymous said...

There were not alot of episodes of Sam and Friends taped to save. 1. Its because the taping process was to take a camera and film the filmed show and 2 Jim Henson didn't like most of the shows and only saved the ones he liked and thought were inovative.

Squigiman said...

"That's been a worldwide sensation for over 50 years!"??? I'd think they wouldn't let an oversight like that go through to the one ad video they were going to put out. Sure, Kermit's been around that long, but '76 was a mere 32 years ago. I can't wait to pick up this set on Tuesday, but seriously, someone screwed up!

Chopzilla said...

No more "Muppet Morsals?" That was my favorite bonus feature..

KINGCRAB said...

No more "Muppet Morsals?" That was my favorite bonus feature..

Well, at Muppet Central, GelflingWaldo said that the Morsels will not be returning because they were too expensive and time-consuming.

I think he said some other reasons, too, but I don't remember what they were.

Anonymous said...

I would REALLY like to see more seasons of The Muppet Show released with Muppet Morsels! What happened to them??? I love watching Season 1... it's like Pop-Up Video, only better!

frogboy4 said...

Reportedly the morsels left with the DVD company that composed season one. However, now that Disney has switched we get more in other areas - especially the fact that there are no episode edits like first season - but the morsels are gone. One may not have to do with the other, but complete episodes are my first concern. Personally I didn't care for the morsels, but it evidently is a big draw and it is better to have more extras and options than less.

One reason for missing morsels is to keep the expense down. I don't see anywhere else to thin-down in order to allocate more of the budget for morsels. Disney's trying to put these out at a particular price point.

After many years (through Beta, VHS, Laserdisc and now DVD) of wanting complete sequential unedited Muppet Show seasons we finally get them and still some Amazon reviews take off a star or two for this missing extra. I’m just grateful for the episodes and the extras they do contain.

Anonymous said...

I really like the bonus features with this set! It is exactly what I was hoping for. Hopefully they keep giving more like this for future season sets. The 'behind the scenes'/'making of' type information really illuminates the muppets to make them amazing! Good work! As far as Muppet Morsals, personally I don't miss them at all. Hopefully the remaining season sets are scheduled out, in production and not far away.

Squigiman said...

While morsels were great, giving us the closest thing to commentaries on every episode of that season, I'd prefer fully un-cut episodes. However, I would include in that request, not having the Muppet Studios logo have to appear before every episode, as well as each one to end with an appropriate Zoot shot, without mentioning the Muppets Holding Company.

It really takes away from the feeling of being taken back, with it feeling the need to slap on bookmarking corporate names and logos that didn't exist when the show was made. I know they need to put that stuff in there, but wait until after the screen goes black, after the episode is over, and do whatever you want, because I can opt not to see them, by that point.

It didn't usually bug me TOO much, but after seeing the Loretta Lynn episode for the first time, and noticing Zoot magically teleport to the theater (in addition to transforming to a later version of himself), that was kinda the last straw. They took the time to keep the continuity in episodes where something was different, like all the Beakers that were made in the copying machine, in that one episode, and now the magic gets taken away, just because they couldn't work around that last shot and waiting to put the legal stuff in the black.

It's really too bad that TV box-sets never tend to get re-releases, meaning these are probably going to have to be the definitive editions. Otherwise, it is just great to have them, full and uncut, for what they're worth.